Landslide Photography is where I (try to) update with a few sneak peeks from each session. Nursing Portrait sessions & information on involvement/activism in the breastfeeding Community are found here. Be sure to "like" my page on facebook!!! To book a session email Timbra at


Nursing Portraits

Nursing Photos are highly specialized and intimate. Moms can wear as much or as little as they like, often these photos work well in the home with a large window for available light. But "on location" portraits are a lot of fun too. A large selection of nursing photos is available here. Nursing photos can be done at any age, however, the nursing relationship changes to rapidly that you may want to consider having photos taken at more than one stage. The session itself often goes quickly, either due to distracted older nursers or focused little nurslings who allow for a multitude of shots in a very short period of time.